Keyboard shortcuts

One of the guiding principles of MindMup is to make users more productive. MindMup has keyboard shortcuts for all map edit operations - remember them and you'll be able to capture your ideas much faster.

On Mac OSX, Ctrl and Cmd keys can be used for shortcuts marked Ctrl below - some browsers prevent certain key bindings. So, for example, if Cmd+Space does not work in your browser, try Ctrl+Space.

Node manipulation

EnterAdd sibling for horizontal layouts, add child for vertical layouts
Shift+EnterAdd sibling above
Shift+EnterLine break (when editing node text)
TabAdd child for horizontal layouts, add sibling for vertical layouts
Shift+TabInsert parent
Ctrl+DInsert new disconnected node (new root)
DDisconnect selected node
SpaceEdit node
Shift+SpaceChange node color
AView or edit node attachment
IAdd an image or change the existing image/icon associated with the node
Backspace or DeleteRemove node
Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow keysMove node up/down
TIncrease font size
Shift+TDecrease font size
Alt+TReset font size
Shift+Ctrl+RRight-align node text
Shift+Ctrl+LLeft-align node text
Shift+Ctrl+ECenter-align node text
Shift+SEdit node stickers


U or Ctrl+ZUndo
R or Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+ZRedo


Arrow keysSelect the node up/down/left/right of the currently selected one
Shift + Arrow keysAdd node up/down/left/right to selection (useful to multi-select siblings)
{Multi-select the current node and the entire subtree under it
[Multi-select only the subtree under the current node (not the node itself)
=Multi-select all the siblings of the current node (that have the same parent)
.Cancel multi-selection and select only the current node again
0 - 9Select all nodes of a particular level (eg 1 selects all first level nodes)
0Select the root node and recenter view
Ctrl+FFind node by part of title

Navigation and screen

/ or FExpand or collapse node (fold or unfold children)
Alt+FHide one level below the selected node
Shift+FExpand one level below the selected node
Ctrl + or ZZoom in
Ctrl - or Shift ZZoom out
EscReset map view - select root node and bring it to the center of the screen
Ctrl+BConvert floating toolbar to menu (press again to convert back)
Ctrl+Shift+BHide top menu (press again to show)
Ctrl - or Shift ZZoom out
Ctrl+BConvert floating toolbar to menu (press again to convert back)
Ctrl+Shift+BHide top menu (press again to show)


SOpen storyboard
MOpen measurements
NEdit notes for selected node
Shift+SToggle stickers sidebar
EscClose sidebar

Argument mapping

Alt+SAdd (supporting) reason
Alt+OAdd objection
EnterAdd child claim
TabAdd sibling claim
Ctrl+DAdd disconnected claim
Alt+NAdd sticky note
Alt+TToggle implicit claim or supporting reason/objection
Alt+LLabel reason/objection
DDisconnect element