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Key facts

Launch initially launched in January 2013
MindMup is free to use. Some exports are limited to 100 KB for anonymous users, to prevent abuse of our server resources. MindMup Gold subscription removes size restrictions for exports, and costs 2.99 USD per month for personal usage, or 100 USD per year for organisations.
Copyright and license
The key mind mapping library created for MindMup is opensource, but the web site interface itself is not opensource. MindMup copyright legally belongs to Sauf Pompiers Ltd, a UK-based company the three original authors created to operate
Damjan Vujnovic, David de Florinier and Gojko Adzic started MindMup in January 2013 to create a free and open alternative to commercial mind mapping cloud services, and the three main drivers of the project are creating a frictionless interface, productivity and community-driven development.

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