Warning: Fraudulent version 3

Update: 15 July 2018 – the offending application is no longer available in the Chrome Web Store

A fraudulent version of MindMup, labelled 3.0, appeared a few days ago in the Chrome Web store. Do not install this app from the Chrome web store, as it very likely will pose a security risk to your data. The application uses the MindMup logo and name, but it is not affiliated with us in any way, and is not authorised by MindMup. There is no version 3.0 of our application.

Unfortunately, the scammers somehow convinced Google Chrome Web store maintainers to de-list the official MindMup 2 application and list the fraudulent version instead, so the only thing that shows up while searching for MindMup is the fraudulent version. We have alerted the Chrome Web store maintainers about this and hope the issue will be resolved soon.

Meanwhile, to install the authorised Chrome store app, use the direct link to the official version 2.0, or use MindMup for Google Drive directly from https://drive.mindmup.com.