Thursday, 23 January 2014

One year, 350K visitors, 1.5M maps

The first publicly accessible beta version of MindMup appeared on the Internet on 15th January 2013, which means that it is now one year old. Hooray! This is a nice opportunity to reflect on the last year and thank all our users for coming!

According to Google analytics,  349,357 unique visitors pointed their browsers towards MindMup, and stayed in average 27 minutes each time they visit. Out of those people, 211,626 weren't just browsing, but created 1430828 maps. Yes, nearly one million and a half maps!

Searching for MindMup on Google now lists roughly 89K pages, and many of those are words of praise we're very thankful for.

The geeks among you might be interested to know that yesterday was 363rd release of MindMup to the production environment, meaning that over the last year we did roughly one release per day.

From all three of us working on MindMup, thank you very much for all the support, nice ideas, and staying with us. We have lots of exciting ideas for the future - watch this space!

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