Sunday, 27 January 2013

MindMup is now opensource

The source code for MindMup, both for the javascript visualisation library and the server code running on, is now available under the MIT opensource license and published on GitHub. For more information, see

Our goal with MindMup is to create the most productive mind map canvas and make it as frictionless as possible. Since we launched two weeks ago the feedback was amazing, but there's only three of us and we mostly work on other stuff, so we can't possibly cope with implementing all the tweaks and changes people suggested. Opensourcing was always in the plan, as it's consistent with the idea of open, free and zero friction environment we aim to create on We hope that open sourcing the code will help others tweak it and make it more productive for individual needs sooner than we would be able to catch up with all the ideas. Fork and enjoy!


  1. Gojko, You're my productivity God! Thanks a million for MindMup!

  2. I added the new shortcut to "Mindmup Operation Manual in Japanese".
    Please refer url below.